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The closure of lodges and guesthouses due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, has seen an increase in sexual rendezvous inside cars and in bushes by daring lovers.

Cars, cemeteries and bushes have quickly become lovers’ nests.

The daring lovers are taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere, free of charge space and tall grasses and shrubs covering their hookup spots.

Other couples who want to get down and dirty are parking in unpopulated car parks to do the nasty.

With fewer people loitering around during the lockdown, chances of being disturbed are very slim.

According to reports by BMetro, final resting places for the dead, like the West Park Cemetery have turned into hookup spots by some lovers who are driving over to do the deed and turn the place into a bedroom.

The West Park Cemetery is littered with used condoms, empty packs of se_x enhancing pills among other paraphernalia.

According to an eyewitness who identified himself as Dube, cars are constantly spotted driving around the cemetery several times, day and night.

“Every day motorists come here and the other day we gathered courage and approached a car which was parked in the cemetery after suspecting that the driver might have been tampering with graves. When we approached it, it was bouncing up and down and shockingly when we peeped through, we were shocked to our core when we saw two lovebirds having fun at the back seat.

He bemoaned a lack of respect for the dead.

A Bulawayo City Council municipal officer who preferred anonymity, also confirmed that  West Park Cemetery has become a hotspot for couples looking to hook up in cars.

He said those with no cars do it on the grass

Cowdray Park and Emganwini bushes are also overwhelmed with lovers who are cozying up to each other at all hours of the day.


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