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The Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim, popularly known as C&S,  is a church denomination in Nigeria founded by Moses Orimolade Tunolase in 1925. The church bases their mode of worship on candles, incense and bells. They also believe in fasting and the use of water and oil.

In this encounter with Oludare Sorunke, Publisher of BLACKWASH, C&S Psalmist and gospel artist, Oluwatoyin Dabiri expounds on her church, genre of music, on-going projects and plans for the future.

Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

My name is Oluwatoyin Dabiri. I’m a member of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church. I attend Amazing Grace District Headquarters, Alimosho, Ipaja, Lagos. I’m a gospel artist, revivalist and prayerist.

How can you describe your type of music?

My kind of music is Seraphic. My spiritual father fondly called me Alariya Serafu, meaning someone who enjoys singing Seraphic songs and I think I’ll adopt that name. I sing revival songs, I do the typical Cherubim and Seraphim gospel music. I love hymnals, that is my backbone, my support, the source of my ministration.

Do white garment churches observe Sabbath? What day of the week do you observe Sabbath? Is it scriptural?

The Sabbath day is Sunday. The Bible says, ‘keep the Sabbath Day holy. Sabbath for me is our regular Sunday services, where we go to church to worship.

People in this generation are casual about the institutions of family and marriage, unlike in the days of our parents. Why is this so?

Children in this era do not have a better understanding about the significance of the institution of marriage .Our parents valued marriage. Our mothers were very submissive to our fathers, and our fathers were more caring. The devil is really playing into the minds of people.  People have strayed from the path of God. Matured people go into marriage. These days, you’ll hear people saying they want to get married because they are lonely and need companionship, but if you don’t get to enjoy your own company, you may be married and still be lonely.

Oluwatoyin Dabiri leading a praise and worship session
Oluwatoyin Dabiri.

You used to be in a music group with three of your friends. Can you tell us about the group?

It was a dance group when I was in Lagos State Polytechnic some years ago. I love to dance, so it was an opportunity for me to join the group. We had a good time together travelling to places, doing cultural dances and hip hop performances.

Themes like water bodies; e.g. rivers, oceans, coconut, music, white colour, trance, vision are symbolic of white garment churches. Can you expound on this?

A lot of us believe in doctrines more than the word of God. We will not say that the devil does not exist. But, the bible also says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony I believe that even as a C&S  or any sect, anyone can turn their situation around if they are prayerful.

Attributes like tolerance, community, long suffering, and dedication used to be very common among our people. Why have we moved from the ‘old’ path?

This is because the things of the world are gradually infiltrating the church and unfortunately, the church is also adopting the carnal things of the world. It is supposed to be the other way round.  I remember in the days of my late father. He was  a prophet. Whenever a woman was pregnant, she would stay in the church as soon as  she was 3 months pregnant. Pregnant women must stay and give birth in the church. Many of those in my peer group were born in the church. But now, the church has become unevenly yoked due to technology and all sorts of practices.

What denomination of white garment church do you attend? Can you worship in another denomination?

I attend the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Ayo Ni O. Yes, I can worship in another denomination. However, it would take a while before I acclimatise. I was born into the C & S Movement. The way we organize our services is different from others. Yes, I can worship in a church where they preach the word and the Holy Spirit is evident.

How do you relax?

I hit the gym every morning. I do exercises. I love to just lie down and meditate. I love my privacy. I meditate and imagine things

Tell us about your future plans.

I know that my tomorrow is alight. My plans are many. I pray that God helps me to take the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of the white garment to the corners of the world. I pray that God continues to help me to minister in songs and prayers to evangelise and heal and as I said earlier, my goal is to make heaven.

Tell us about your project, BROKEN BUT NOT USELESS.

It is a project God handed over to me on 17 June 2021. It was birthed as a result of a personal experience. BROKEN BUT NOT USELESS is a fold, a ministry that helps broken people trust in themselves. no matter their past and what they are going through.  It is a ministry that brings people together to encourage one another, pray together and live a Godly life. I believe that there is a better future for everyone.

Oluwatoyin Dabiri.
Oluwatoyin Dabiri.

Have you launched any album?

No, please. I’ve not launched an album. Though, people have been persuading me to launch an album, I’m begging God to give me more inspiration and send help to me to make it a reality. It’s really on my mind to launch an album.

Do you have any event for the Christmas season?

For Christmas season, I have an event tagged Horns and Declarations, which comes up 22 December 2021 between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. The music event will be virtual. The first seven people that will log in will request for a thanksgiving song and we will sing together. The music event will be like a mini concert.  May God help me through.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for this opportunity


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