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In a very rare encounter, BLACKWASH Publisher,  Oludare Sorunke had a sit-down with a medical doctor and polymath who answers to the sobriquet ‘Dr. O.’ She loves rice, just any type and in different varieties; fried rice, jollof rice, Chinese rice. She says she can eat rice  for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dr. O loves Nigerian movies and music, yet she doesn’t have any favourite artist or movie actor. Dr. O also loves travelling. Though, she has been to more than 12 countries, her wish is to visit almost every country in the world. Her dream getaway is Mauritius.
Who’s Doctor O? What do you do? 
Dr. O is a fun-loving person who is on a mission to inspire people to pay more attention to their health. I’m a medical doctor who writes captivating stories and makes fun videos to teach people about health in an interesting way.
How do you juggle your roles as mother, doctor, wellness advocate and writer?
Hmm! Trust me, it’s not the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of focus, discipline and multi-tasking to do all at once.
What area(s) of medicine do you practice?
General Medicine with a focus on Telemedicine. Telemedicine is a method of providing medical care remotely, usually through video chat. It offers a range of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers; healthcare using digital devices such as computers and smartphones. In most cases, telemedicine uses video conferencing. However, some providers choose to offer care via email or phone messaging.
Smoking has become a lifestyle. Despite warnings of health hazards by doctors and governments, the business of tobacco and lately, cannabis has proliferated. What are the dangers of smoking? Is smoking really harmful to health?
Smoking is harmful to health, unfortunately, it is not only harmful to smokers but even people around them who do not smoke (passive smokers). Smoking can lead to a variety of cancers including oral, throat, lung and bladder cancers just to mention a few. It could also lead to cardiovascular and lung diseases.
Women’s metabolisms differ. What are the causes of delayed period and early menopause in women?
Delayed periods can happen due to a variety of reasons including stress, exercise, excessive weight loss or weight gain, using hormonal contraception. Early menopause is when a woman stops seeing her menses before she clocks 45 years old .It is common in women who have a positive family history (their mothers, grandmothers, sisters experienced the same). It could also happen due to smoking, surgical removal of the womb or ovaries and certain medical conditions.
Tell us about your books. What inspires your writings?
I have written many stories, but I haven’t actually put them into a book yet. I have always loved creative writing since I was a child, but my husband actually inspired me to start writing after I met him. My writing is inspired by everyday happenings in the world.  When I want to write a story, I basically follow my imaginations and let them do the magic and trust me, my imaginations travel very far.
How many books have you authored and which is most demanding?
I have written 15 stories so far minus the story books I wrote when I was much younger. Hehehe. Yes, I actually made a handwritten story book when I was about 10 years old. I’m working on putting my stories into a book.
What leads people to crime?
To be honest I can’t say what precisely, there are so many factors. It could be poverty, frustration, laziness or greed.
Can you say that you are a  relationship expert?
No I am not. I am a Medical Doctor, not a love doctor hehehe!(smiles). That’s why I have dedicated Fridays on my Instagram page to posting  relationship questions that I get with the consent of the senders so that the relationship experts on the page can advise.
 Is it really possible for a woman to get pregnant without sexual intercourse?
Yes, a woman can get pregnant without penetration if her partner ejaculates on her genital area and the semen comes in contact with the vagina. Sperm only needs to successfully swim through the cervical mucus to fertilize the egg.
Why should we take more water than soft drinks?
Drinking water helps to regulate the body temperature, aid digestion, prevent constipation, remove waste from the body and so much more whereas soft drinks can put you at risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease just to mention a few.
Dr. O
The issue of domestic abuse is on the front burner again. What are the causes,  signs and how do we avoid it?
Domestic abuse is a sensitive social issue that affects women, men and children, Most times abusers are from abusive homes themselves or are people with aggressive or violent tendencies and people who are abused allow it to happen sometimes because they have no other option. i.e. they are not bold enough to leave the relationship, they have low self esteem or in a few cases even believe that abuse is normal because they come from abusive homes.
Domestic abusers usually show certain signs or traits before they manifest. Some red flags could include jealousy, having a bad temper, being possessive, verbally abusive, aggressive or violent.
The best way to avoid it is to flee from potential abusers once any red flag signs are observed. People need to stop making excuses for abusers and speak up if they are being abused.
Some ladies believe that they may not be pliant until they are verbally, physically or emotionally abused by their male partners. Is domestic abuse a sign of true love?
It is sad that some people actually believe this and you will find that most of them actually come from abusive homes. That’s why to them, abuse is normal. Domestic abuse is definitely not a sign of true love, if anything, it is the opposite.
African culture is patriarchal. In most societies, people prefer male children. What is your take on gender preference in marriages?
All children are equal, both male and female, the African society has tried to make us believe otherwise, but thank God for civilization, now we know better.
Do you think partners should be open about sex and money? 
Definitely, communication is key in every relationship, partners need to be open about everything in a relationship, not just sex and money.
How can we reach you? 
You can reach me via email at or Instagram @checkwithdoctoro. You can also find me on YouTube and Facebook on Check with Doctor O
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