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The NFT project also saw its first funding round led by venture capital firm Seven Seven Six.

The popular Ethereum NFT Project, Doodles NFTs announced the joining of Pharrell Williams as the new Chief Brand Officer. The project also announced its fundraise led by venture capital firm Seven Seven six in the NFT.NYC event.

In his new role, Williams will artistically mould the collection’s viewpoint on music, artwork, consumer products, animation, and events.

Describing himself as a big fan of the brand, Williams commented, “We’re going to build from the core community outward and bring Doodles to new heights, new levels.”

Moreover, he will also be the executive producer of an album inspired by Doodles- Project called “Doodles Records: Volume 1”, which will be launched together with Columbia Records.

Major recording artists, as well as works by Doodles artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin, will be included in the album, according to a Doodles representative.

The streaming of Doodles’ album will be available on various platforms, but the album will only be sold via NFTs. The representative of the NFT project revealed that the Doodles album NFT will also come up with additional NFT collectibles which remains unspecified as of now.

So much to look out for!

Additionally, as mentioned above, Seven Seven Six, the venture capital firm of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, has led a funding round in the project. This round marks the first capital fund raiser for Doodles. However the funding amount still remains undisclosed.

Alexis Ohanian remarked that Seven Seven Six is planning a collaboration with Doodles team to “take all the work they’ve done so far and bring it to another level, scale it even further.”

Along with Pharrell, Seven Seven Six’s co-founder Katelin Holloway will also be part of the Doodles’ board.

Doodles 2, another NFT collection with millions of exciting avatars will be launched soon. The 10,000 NFTs will consist of several traits and wearable items. However, the developers haven’t decided if the collection would be on Ethereum or some other blockchain.

Credit: The Crypto Times

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