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Smell is associated with memory, what better way for people to remember precious memories of you than through the gift of scents. I chose this path because full wellness starts from how you feel about yourself and having a safe and inviting space’. —-Adedoyin Dokun.

Independent and innovative, Adedoyin Dokun loves the smells of scents. The Microbiologist turned Chandler has had a lot to start her own business and keep her head above water. Her start up, Bloom Fragrance Ng, blends organic ingredients to make sweet smelling aromas with candles, diffusers, sprays, car refreshers. Adedoyin is also at the forefront of supporting plus size women, especially women with fuller busts who cannot find the right sizes of bras. She observed that most brands cater for average sizes A-D cups at most F cups and the available ones were quite expensive. She decided to establish Bloom Intimates Ng, a premium lingerie brand. Adedoyin is creating her future and conquering her fears.


Sharing her passion with Oludare Sorunke, Publisher BLACKWASH, Adedoyin Dokun says; My love for great smelling spaces led me into the home fragrance business. So far, it’s been a great journey. Candle making brought a creative part of me that I never knew existed. Fragrances can tell if you’re soft and feminine at heart or bold and strong without saying a word.  I’m constantly thinking about ways to improve existing products, new products or new scents. As a lingerie expert, I fit ladies into their correct bra sizes, because good fitting bras boost their confidence and clothes fit better on them.


While most women will prefer to venture into paid employment or interior decoration, fabrics and textiles business, Adedoyin chose sprays, scents and lingerie. She started her lingerie business when she noticed that there was limited market for it. She has brought quality and affordable products for her fellow fuller bust community.

Adedoyin Dkun, Founder and CEO Bloom Fragrance Ng and Bloom Intimate Ng
Adedoyin Dkun, Founder and CEO Bloom Fragrance Ng and Bloom Intimate Ng

Her home products are hand made with clean ethically sourced materials. They are safe to use around children and pets. Her products are long lasting, a typical 100ml Reed diffuser will last 3 months or longer.


For Bloom Intimates Ng, Adedoyin’s lingerie line, products are sourced from the United Kingdom  and Turkey. Their products are available in a variety of materials, cotton, silk, polyester. They stock up to D-K Cup in the bra section. They also sell sleep and lounge wears for sizes S-XXL.


Responding to allergies and how she prescribes scents for her customers, Adedoyin responds; ‘before selling to the customer, I usually ask questions. It’s not always about the money. I value customer satisfaction.  I ask if it’s for personal use or a gift, and make recommendations based on their responses. For instance, if the buyer is a male or the gift is for a man, I’ll recommend something woody and something more feminine for a lady. This way, I’m able to retain the customer. Most of our customers are referrals from other customers who were satisfied with our products.’ Adedoyin recommends that under wears should be changed every 6 – 12 months

Adedoyin Dokun





BLACKWASH enquired about her take on body shaming and women who have taken extreme measures to the point of going under the knife because they feel insecure about their bodies. ‘It’s a big NO. Body shaming can lead to mental health issues including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, as well as the general feeling of hating one’s body. As for going under the knife, if there’s something about your body you don’t like and it can be altered, then by all means go for it. Most importantly love the body you’re in, don’t do it because it’s what the world is doing and you want to follow the trend’.


Adedoyin strongly subscribes to women who wish to go braless, #nobramovement #freethegirls. She says some women don’t want to feel caged all the time and fuller bust comes with its issues; shoulder pain, chest pain and back pain. She recommends bra tops as alternatives for women who don’t want bras to leave marks on their bodies.


What’s your best food? Tell the truth, do you like cooking?

I don’t think I have a favorite food but at the moment it’s hot fresh bread straight from the oven.

Oh, the kitchen and I are not friends, I don’t enjoy cooking but I do it anyway.


Choose one: a young handsome promising young man and a married politician. Why your choice?

I’ll go with a promising young man, He has a promising future abi, I can sleep with both eyes closed at night, I don’t think politicians sleep with two eyes closed, at least in this country sha.


What will you do if you’re given N200,000,000:00?

Hmm with N200,000,000? I will definitely invest in my businesses, scale them up and of course I’m going to spoil myself and my family with a well-deserved vacation. My holiday getaway is either Zanzibar or Seychelles.


What are your pain points as an entrepreneur?

Where do I start from? Being a business owner in Nigeria is hard work .Is it the exchange rate or shortage of quality materials? Most businesses depend on importation for their raw materials. Though, our products are hand made here in Nigeria, most or all materials we use are imported because they are not available locally. It’s really difficult because you want to make quality products that are also affordable.


After scents and lingerie, what next?

I believe there’s still so much to learn and do with both businesses but who knows? I’m always open to new ventures and opportunities.


Do you have a word for the young woman who wants to start her own business? 

It’s not going to be easy, even if you have it all put together. My advice is that they persevere. There’ll be good days and bad days. Don’t let the bad days weigh you down, Rome wasn’t built in a day, even the big brands and names started small.  Whenever you feel like quitting, always remember why you started and hold on to it.


How can people reach you to buy your products?

You can get our home and body products from our website and on Instagram @bloomfragranceng, and lingerie only on our Instagram page @bloominitimatesng.


Bloom Fragrance Ng trains people who are interested in going into the home fragrance business They offer after training support. They also cater for events; party favors, souvenirs, personalized gift packages, They provide scent solutions spaces, offices and events unique to customer’s preferences.



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