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Welcome to an amazing week!!!

Like you I always say, retirement will come either as an employee or an employer or business owner.

A time will come when you will not be as active as you are either planned or unplanned.

The major challenge at this period is money

At this period, you need money to take of your health, to feed, go on vacation, socialize but unfortunately most people do not prepare for retirement or inactive years.

Your best bet is to be intentional and start planning for it if you have not.


You attain your Financial Freedom Number when the passive income from your assets & investments is equal to or more than expenses.

When you achieve this number, you can decide to relax and choose not to work everyday like you are doing now. You might choose not to work actively anymore, except you choose to.

Knowing your FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER is important because it will help you in planning how to achieve it.

You must be able to know the exact number, make it as a goal and work towards it for you to enjoy financial freedom at retirement or inactive years.

Here is how to calculate your FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER.

  1. Identify your average monthly expenses. Don’t deceive yourself, you must be able to track it down
  2. Multiply your identified monthly expenses by 12, to get your annual expenses.
  3. Multiply your annual expenses by 25. This gives your financial freedom number. Below is an example to drive it home for you;
    Monthly Expenses= N 100,000
    Annual Expenses = N 100,00012=N1,200,000 Your Financial Freedom Number = 1,200,00025=N30,000,000 This means at your inactive years or retirement, you should have investment size of N30,000,000 that will be giving you residual income. Do you know your FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER?

It is best to have a knowledge of the number so that you can work towards it intentionally.

Our highly profitable investments can help you to achieve your FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER faster. Check the attached picture and get in touch.

With us you can earn up to 70% interest in 2 years.

Reach out to me on 08069572766

Have an amazing week.

Dr Bim
Your Business and Investment Coach

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