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Established in 2001, Sarto Art Agency has been at the frontline of celebrating the rich cultural assemblage of Africa.  For the past 21 years, our Art agency has been involved in the promotion of international cultural exchange. We have also organised many art exhibitions in Austria and participated in several international art fairs.

Sarto Art Agency has also collaborated with reputable artists. Such collaborations have attracted an elite clientele of art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts from Europe, USA and other parts of the world. With the establishment of our ultra modern Art Gallery in Austria and a new outlet in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Sarto Art Agency is well positioned  to reach a larger audience.

Sarto Art Agency offers the following products and services for corporate clients and the discerning art lover;

• Design and build of sculptures, objects for indoor and outdoor purposes.

• Customised trophies, awards, plaques and gifts for corporate bodies as well as individuals.

• Making unique works of art that capture important epochs of companies and individuals.

• Corporate items like biros, towels, face caps, T-shirts, umbrellas, company logos and company mission statements.

• We have a big collection of diverse artworks for sale and rental; Abstract, Mixed media, Original Oil, Acrylic, illusion Paintings, Sculptures and Installations.

.We also organise art exhibitions, art consultancy and art training.

. Home and office interior and exterior decoration.

Solomon Okpurukhre is the curator of Sarto Art Agency. The art consultant, trainer, painter and sculptor has over 23 years experience in the Art industry.

To add colour to your world, visit Sarto Art Agency at Ketzergasse 350/15, 1230 Vienna, Austria.

Mobile: 0043 68864633060


Instagram and Facebook: @Solomon Okpurukhre.

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