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Please tell s about yourself

I’m Sammie, 27 years young and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am a Finance Assistant for a government charity organisation called Inclusion Scotland.

Can you say you have good memories about your childhood?

I have a mix of good and bad. The beginning of my childhood wasn’t the best but as I grew into my younger teens and started to get to know the types of personalities I like to surround myself with, I swiftly began to enjoy my childhood!

We observe an increased incidence of divorce among black families, just as many black families are catered for by single parents. Do you think brothers / of colour are really committed to relationships?

I feel a lot of black men in this generation WANT to be good father figures. The male influences in a man’s life play a huge part in the type of father or partner they will be when they are older. I feel black men have been taken away from their families for slavery and work for a very long time, A lot of men have grown through the centuries watching their fathers absent through no choice of their own, To some families, it’s created a pattern of absentee fathers for centuries.

Some black men find it hard to get work because of their colour or assumption they will bring trouble to a workplace. (Still issues some black men and women struggle with today) .This has left them depressed from the thought of being unable to provide which at times has transferred to drinking at home and abusing their wives while their children grew up, watched and passed the same behaviour on down their family line. I believe some men follow family patterns making it easier for them to excuse their own behaviour and thus resulting in absent fathers or men divorcing and perhaps seeking younger women who don’t come with any life responsibilities.


Black men have always held a higher standard of pressure I believe, but the number of black men I see stepping up and changing the narrative purely because they’re being offered support and being reassured ‘Black men, you are KING you can do right by your job and your family’, that support we have for our black men that should’ve always been there is the reason more of them are willing to learn to love properly. Some people are just violent or choose to be absent by nature not for any excuse but I think this applies to people as a whole, there are abusers in all minorities who are just irresponsible or abusive.

Do you love movies? What’s your best?

I’m more into TV shows, I only watch movies during family time or with my son when we have sleepovers. The TV show that is my favourite at the moment is ‘I May Destroy you’ It was written, produced and directed by Michaela Coel, a Ghanaian British actor. The storyline is amazing and highlights a lot of situations black women and men go through every day in London. that we simply shrug off as ‘uneducated racism or small assault’ 

It is definitely worth the watch!

What’s your kind of music?

My music preference is varied. I’ve had a lot of different types of friends who have extended my variety in music from R&B & Hip-hop, to rock, classical, grime, hardcore, pop, dancehall, etc. I am grateful for that as I enjoy singing and writing music a lot. I am mainly Hip hop, soul and R&B and my all-time favourite artists are Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar and you better put some respect on Nicki Minaj! Undefeated.

What’s your opinion about work-life balance?

Gosh, work-life balance. What’s that for us this past year! I am still working full time from home and some of us are also homeschooling and keeping the house clean. Finding work-life balance is a myth right now but I’m as strict as I can be with routine. I believe without routine your mind isn’t clear enough to manage your workload efficiently without burning out. I schedule a break, a lunch and I make sure when I am logging off, I am LOGGING OFF. Computer away, family mode activated. If we don’t shut down, we burn out.

What are your expectations about the BIDEN administration?

Though I live in the UK I’m aware my thoughts on this administration matter just the same as anyone else’s in the world because of the influence America has on how our country is run. Personally, I am not ashamed to say I am glad to see Trump go, what a good day for the world indeed. Biden seems to already be making positive changes such as beginning to work on the unconstitutional Muslim ban in America and amongst this, he has already ordered all appointees in the executive branch to sign an ethic pledge to avoid any further instances of internal corruption. This is one amongst others to be implemented.

This is refreshing to hear and though we have lost an evil we must never forget the Biden we know from before the election. We must not forget he was a huge funder for the KKK and he spoke at the KKK leaders funeral fondly. He had to drop out of a previous presidential race for plagiarism and has also voted for the Iraq War.

I see it as America got the lesser evil out of the two chosen leaders and my view will remain the same until change is actually made in front of our very eyes.

Who’s your kind of man?

My kind of man. Well, I’m traditional so I like a man who doesn’t mind a hard day’s work, getting their hands dirty! I’m attracted to motivated men, a man who has a goal in life for themselves where they want to be. I’ll say the biggest attraction though is someone who can take a joke and has a funny sense of humour. I’m bubbly and I love a good joke, my worst nightmare is a dry humour relationship!

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