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At E-Terra Technologies Limited, we guarantee your business

a. International best practise

b. Industry standard data destruction

c. Maximum security of your documents

The ripple effects of improper disposal of our #wasted items and material may not be known to many but is certainly far reaching in consequences and this cannot be overstated. Begin today to imbibe a responsible waste management and disposal culture. Want to know how? Follow @eterratech on all Social media platforms to learn more on how to become an environmentally responsible citizen. Remember to always #reduce #reuse & #recyle all E-waste items.
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When E-waste items are properly handled, managed and disposed there are benefits. Visit to learn more and join the community of Sustainability conscious citizens.
Go Green!! Go E-Terra!!!
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Sustainable living does not only seek to promote responsible disposal of e-wastes but also to ensure that all items are thoroughly checked if they’re resuable. Reusing these items prevents them from becoming an environmental concern. Be sustainable conscious today!!!
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Black wash

Black wash

Blackwash is home to news, events, entertainment, inspiration and the rich cultural assemblage of the man and woman of colour. Blackwash echoes the beauty, struggles and successes of black people in Nigeria and diaspora. Every day, Blackwash publishes contents that impact lives spiritually, intellectually and professionally. Blackwash is powered by PROJECT MANAGEMENT HUB BN 2522711.

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