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This Is A Copied Write Up On Covid 19 And I totally Believe It, Please Read With Concentration.

*EXPOSED: Secret of Covid 19 and Bill Gates Vaccination* .

William Henry Gates III more popularly known as Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, investor and philanthropist. He is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.

I for one have always admired Bill Gates for his extreme generosity and philanthropy. He has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS and has sponsored researches geared towards finding a cure or vaccine for the scourge. Our RBM(Roll Back Malaria) program in Nigeria is majorly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation is also the major sponsor of the polio eradication program. His Foundation also helps to subsidize the cost of retrovirals and sufferers are able to get the medication free of charge from Government Hospitals.

I said all this to make you realize that this man has done much good for humanity with his enormous wealth.

Now back to the subject of discourse. What is the connection of Bill Gates with Covid-19? Now Bill Gates is at the forefront of developing a vaccine for Covid-19 and at the rate they’re going, a vaccine might be produced by the middle of the year. Now is finding a vaccine a bad thing? Not at all. My issue with his plan is how he intends to go about vaccinating people. Bill Gates aims to get every citizen on Earth vaccinated against Covid-19. And not just that alone, the vaccination will come with a digital ID that can track an individual. Gates wants to replicate the South Korean National tracking system saying “In Seattle, there are thousands of tests everyday but no one is linked to a National Tracking System” and that if there is a successful test, it should be recognized.

Bill Gates wants to use the Covid-19 vaccination process to introduce his Quantum Dot Dye Technology. These are Bio-implantable capsules that have digital certificates which can show who has been tested for the corona virus. Simply put, the vaccines will come in the form of digital capsules that will be tolerated by your body. They will be micro chipped into your system and will be retained in your system for as long as you are alive. Now these capsules will send information about your location, state of health and genetic information to a Control Centre. So from one location, every human on the surface of the Earth can be tracked and monitored. With these human implants, your Thoughts, Actions and Emotions can be regulated from a COMMAND CENTER. This will successfully transform free thinking human beings to some kind of Robots that God didn’t make.

Now what is the point of this post of mine? If you read Genesis Chapter 6 you will see the account of how Angels came down from Heaven and had s3xual relations with the daughters of men and produced offsprings that were half men, half angels. These kids grew up to be giants. They populated the Earth and perpetrated and perpetuated extreme acts of evil and wickedness. They were Hybrids and not the Original seed that God created. So God had to send the flood to destroy the World. God did this and saved only Noah and his family because He seeks a GODLY SEED.

In the Bible, we are told about the MARK OF THE BEAST. And God specifically warned us against taking the MARK OF THE BEAST. I always wondered how Satan was going to pull this great feat of having people receive the mark. I dare say it is very clear now. With this Covid-19 vaccination process, Satan aims to achieve this feat.

Why is Bill Gates bent on making Covid-19 vaccination by force? I am a Doctor, we never force any patient to receive any treatment. Before any procedure is carried out on a patient, informed consent is sought. A patient or his relative must sign. You don’t force a treatment, surgery or vaccine on a patient. They want to make Covid-19 vaccination like the Yellow Card stuff for International travellers, where you tender the card as evidence of being vaccinated against yellow fever.

As Christians we reject any form of forced vaccination. Even though Satan does not play fair, he is not allowed to DECEIVE the World to receiving the MARK. God did not force us to become Christians. We preach and those that accept CHOOSE to follow Jesus. Satan and his agents must come out openly to preach and win souls for their MARK. They should not hide under Covid-19 vaccination and in so doing initiate folks into their KINGDOM.

I will conclude by saying that the implications of receiving that MARK is very dire, regretful and destructive. Your eternal destination is sealed if you take the MARK. God says in Revelation that all who take the MARK will suffer ETERNAL DAMNATION in the LAKE OF FIRE!!! (Rev.14: 9-11)


“To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed”.

Please Share Widely To Warn Others and Help Save Millions of Souls From Eternal Damnation.

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  • Matthew Uwaifo I know a lot of people Will not read this even though it’s very important to their existence.They rather prefer meaningless gossips and fake news. What a pity.!!!
    This article is real and very correct.They intend to start testing it in Africa which is always used as guinea pigs for any new vaccine.All Africans and people of color the world over are at risk.We all should rise up and speak against this.
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  • Faith Mungai Am glad you are beginning to understand our apprehension.
    These people have an agenda, God has pushed it back and that’s why you see the uproar.
  • Come Ovbiagele The words of our Elders are words of Wisdom.
  • Osiohwemu Odjegba There will be rapture before 666
  • Christian Obasogie All be guided by Ur-heart!
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