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The traditional roles of media include to inform, persuade, transmit culture, and entertain. However, the media, whether electronic or print, has over time been used as propaganda machine by governments, moulded public opinion, tell our stories and make us feel good about ourselves. Public agencies, individuals and private establishments have also used the media to create awareness about their activities, goods and services.

BLACKWASH Lifestyle and Women Editor, Fadilat Abubakar sat down with amiable presenter Amina Suleiman to discuss woman-to-woman.

Can we meet you?

(Smiles), my name is Amina Suleiman. I’m from Kogi State. I work with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria-FRCN. Presently, I’m in Kano. I’ve been with FRCN since 2007.

Tell us about your likes, dislikes, your favourite food and hobbies, if any?

I love tuwo and miyan kuka, a popular Hausa dish. I love preparing my own drinks most especially with orange and ginger, and I also love danwake. Most of these dishes are well known delicacies in Northern Nigeria. I’ve spent more than half of my life in the North. When it comes to protein, I don’t joke with it at all; chicken, beef, fish and the rest.

Can you share your experience working for the biggest radio corporation in Nigeria?

I feel proud. When you merit something, you won’t go around seeing it as a favour. It’s a thing of joy, anyway, that one’s a staff working with one of the largest radio stations in the country. Well, I can say that the RFCN is a place where anyone can hone their skills and build career.

Tell us about your shows

I have a show called ‘Home Stars’. It’s a programme where I profile famous Nigerian artistes, both in the music and movie industries. And there’s this other program, ‘Afternoon Caravan’, another entertainment program, where we play Afro Beat and Hip Hop music and discuss various topics; politics, entertainment, marriage, relationships, education and all of that. We also invite guests to share their views on issues like healthy living, lifestyle, and more.

What inspires your programmes?

There’s this lady called Rahmatu Garba Danlami. She’s a staff at the state radio here in Kano, that’s Kano state Radio Corporation-KSRC.I usually listen to her programmes, and honestly, that’s where I got my love for the job.

How do you invite dignitaries to your programmes?

Some of our guests are referred by our General Manager and others through the political friends we have had over the years. Also, being a radio person, I have several friends in Nollywood. So, I think these are the reasons why the programme comes so easy for me.

Amina Suleiman


What do you do when you’re not working?

You mean my leisure time? I watch movies and listen to African music. I love Afro Beat, especially the music of Femi Kuti and Burna Boy. I also love listening to music of Hip Hop artistes like Davido, Wizkid, Mr Eazy, Mayorkun. We have a bunch of talents in the entertainment industry.

I also like listening to the news and I read some African literature.

What are the main challenges you face at work?

I must admit that there are challenges. Some politicians and high-profile people are always in the habit of ‘let me take my time’, and as a radio presenter or an anchor, who has other deliverables, you get edgy when you are being delayed, but you’ve got no option than to calm your nerves and just wait till your guest is ready.

There are times that I miss our staff bus and other appointments while trying to wait or when the interview starts late. Like the Home Stars program, there’s a segment where I get the Vox Pop, where we go to the streets to get people’s views on a particular topic. So, when you see someone and you want to ask a question, they just look at you and move on without saying a word. it really hurts, but you have to take it calmly and move to another person.

Ma’am, what message do you have for youngsters who want to take up a career in journalism?

For those coming into journalism, just go there first for the passion and not only money, fame or rewards, or meeting high profile people. Go there to hone your skills, develop mastery of the craft and make a positive impact in the society. Have it in mind that you’re going for it because you love it. Your zeal will take you places. Also, make sure you study and update by attending courses, trainings, having certifications and have a little knowledge about almost every subject. This is the time that being multilingual is an added advantage. On daily basis, look in the mirror and make positive affirmations.

Amina Suleiman

Mrs. Suleiman, how do you juggle career and family?

Wow! That’s a huge one. Okay, I have a family that understands. My husband knows the kind of job I do, so he is supportive. For example, in the morning, he does not compel me to prepare breakfast because he knows that I have to be at the studio early. For my little girl that’s usually at home, my niece, Nana helps in taking care of her and other domestic matters. I make sure that I manage my time at home and at work judiciously.

Maybe you can tell us quite a bit about your educational background?

I have a Higher National Diploma-HND. I’ve attended trainings and courses in Lagos and Abuja. Presently, I’m preparing for my professional certification in Project Management.

What message do you have for broadcasting stations Nigeria?

They should encourage their staff by sponsoring them to training schools, take courses and provide safe and congenial place to work. They should update their staff by using up to date equipment, build capacity and a strong workforce. Workers should be paid as at when due, promotions and other conditions of service should be improved.


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